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Automation with 3D camera light sectioning

We bring the sight to your facility.

With the 3D light section triangulation, a laser beam is imaged onto the surface of the object to be measured by a line appearance. 
The object of the camera is to determine and print out the position of the laser line with maximum speed and precision.

Automatic contour and seam tracking in welding technology.

Implementation of highly innovative fully automatic welding systems for longitudinal beam welding.

Data recording with 3D cameras and communication with interpolating multi-axis systems realizes an automated welding persecution.

With a position detection using 3D cameras, their evaluation and communication with interpolating multi-axis systems, the welding torches can always be operated precisely, although you never know exactly where the work piece is to be welded.

Measurement of wood strips with triangulation 3D measurement.

Profile measurement:
- By projecting a laser line onto the test objects its contour can  be detected.
- The shown contour from the perspective of the camera is displayed.
- A single profile is converted to the real size.
- 3D model is created.

Surface control:
- Wood surface is checked for unevenness.

Damaged sections:
- Defects in the wood can be detected through contour measurement, regardless of their color appearance.

Glue identification on wood with 3D sensor

Glue bead detection on wood:
The 3D sensor measures the glue and hardener. The volume of glue and hardener, and their mixing ratio is calculated and checked for clogged nozzles. The original data from the camera and the filtered data can be saved as a CSV-file and analyzed in Excel.