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"Employes work best when they feel comfortable"

This is the principle from company manager Walter Kohlbauer.

Motivated employees are priceless!
Our employees get motivated and educated by regular training sessions.

team spirit
The well working teams are no coincidence!
Joint activities promote team spirit and are fun.
For example: canoeing, skiing, and a weekend in the alps

The well-being of our employees is important!
Together with the Upper Austrian regional health insurance, we realize the project "Workplace Health Promotion".
We want to recognize and act.

We make our employees feel safe!
Each employee gets an extra pension insurance after two years with the company.

Working in a pleasant environment is easier!
Fully air-conditioned and friendly furnished offices with much daylight and plants contribute to the comfort zone.

We use the possibility of recognition for employees!
Coffee, soft drinks and sweets for free! Occasionally  invitations for lunch.
The conclusion of a busy year crowns the Christmas party!